4 Dressler Aluminium Residential Architecture Projects

Committed to ecological, sustainable environments adapted to the needs of individuals and families, Dressler Aluminium has supported the development of contemporary architecture through its Residential Architecture projects.

Amongst these Dressler Aluminium Residential Architecture projects, we can highlight:

Sorocaima II Residential building in Tenerife

This newly built structure is located in the La Laguna neighbourhood of Coromoto. 

If you access the portfolio, you can see different images of this construction.

Single-family dwelling in Barranco Hondo

This work was carried out in Barranco Hondo, Candelaria. The enclosures of this work are composed of sliding rails with liftable fittings, folding aluminium slats inside doors and a pergola in the swimming pool area.

Single-family dwelling in Anaga Residential Building

Located in the Anaga Residential Building, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Aluminium carpentry was used with Schüco frames and profiles. The sliding door with hidden profiling is worth highlighting. The aim of this project was to build a space with maximum visibility where the glazing stands out.

Las Rosas Residential Building

This Dressler Aluminium Residential Architecture project consisted of the renovation of public housing such as the Las Rosas Residential Building in Armeñime. The task focused on the installation of an aluminium lattice on the facade with the intention of increasing the light in the area where the stairs are located, without diminishing the building’s aesthetics.

Would you like to find out more about Dressler Aluminium Residential Architecture work? Check out our portfolio!

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