4 tips to save energy consumption and improve the quality of life in your home

consumo energético

In our day to day lives, we perform many tasks that consume our time and money. Some of them are very obvious, like going shopping or filling the car with petrol. However, there are other actions that affect us, but we are not aware of what their value is and how we could reduce it. This includes the energy consumption of housing.

The energy consumption of a home not only has an economic effect, but also impacts upon the quality of life and comfort within the home. Given the current pandemic situation we are in, we spend more and more time in our homes and therefore consume more energy. That’s why we are going to give you 4 tips on reducing energy consumption and improving the quality of life in the home found on the Mejor De Aluminio blog.

1. Temperature and thermal comfort in the home.

The average temperature at which humans are in a state of well-being varies between 20ºC and 25ºC, depending on the time of the year. To improve the quality of life within the home, it is important to be in a state of thermal comfort that prevents us from getting cold or heat.

Windows play a key role in keeping homes insulated inside and preventing cold or heat from entering the home. These constructive solutions are directly involved in the amount of energy consumption generated by a home. The better the quality of these, the more isolated the house will be and the less consumption it will require in order to set an ideal temperature.

Windows added to the home should be efficient. It is advisable to use high-performance glazing, whose characteristics help thermal insulation and solar control.

2. Energy efficiency.

We mentioned earlier the benefit of using high-performance glazing on windows in houses. This material is one of the main features that help to achieve energy efficiency, and avoiding the use of fans, air conditioners or heating. But what is high-performance glazing?

High-performance glazing has a set of characteristics that enable it to perform the functions of reinforced thermal insulation and solar control, making it a smart glass.

A number of studies have been conducted in homes that did not have high-performance glazing. Their energy consumption is measured in appliances used to maintain an optimum temperature, and then subsequently after fitting high-performance glazing. The conclusions in all the studies can be summarized in a decrease in the energy consumption in the home after this feature was installed, contributing to energy saving.

3. Noise and sound insulation.

Noise can be unpleasant on many occasions when you are at home, preventing you from relaxing, concentrating on your tasks or resting. Quality of life at the home can be affected by the presence of unwanted noise from outside.

Sound insulation is required so that well-being within a home is not temporary. One of the solutions for this is laminated glass providing sound insulation, which makes life at home more comfortable.

4. Natural light.

For both home and work, natural light affects human well-being and often our mood in a positive way, so it is essential that homes have natural light inside.

It is necessary that the windows of the windows be able to allow as much natural light as possible to pass.  These characteristics cannot be affected (temperature and thermal comfort, energy efficiency, noise and sound insulation).

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