Building solutions with aluminium for 50 years

This year is special for Dressler Aluminio as the company celebrates fifty years since its foundation. Half a century of activity in metallic carpentry, being the flagship company in the Canary Islands.
Reliability has been the main seal of our image. Proven final quality and correct execution thanks to a technical department that ensures the best building solutions with aluminium.

Aluminium as the identity of Dressler Aluminio.

In the sixties, we started a long-distance race where aluminium was our banner. This material was beginning to be widely used in construction at that time in the carpentry industry, a sector dominated by wood. Today, thanks to its many advantages, aluminium has gained a lot of ground. It is one of the most sought-after materials for architectural projects.

Aluminium goes through an evolutionary process in Architecture

Architecture has evolved since the middle of the last century. In the sixties, uniform buildings were designed that were compatible, both aesthetically and functionally, with the city’s urban environment. Right now, the possibility that aluminium gives in terms of finishes, such as ventilated facades, makes architecture more avant-garde and outstanding in the context in which it now stands.

Its technical capabilities make aluminium a recommended material for construction projects.

We have already talked about the many advantages of aluminium: it is waterproof, heat conductive, ductile, low weight; that is, it is an exceptional material as a protection or insulation barrier. The number of finishes means the product has an endless number of a esthetic possibilities (anodised, lacquered, imitation, etc…).

So, aluminium continues to evolve to keep up with today’s architecture. Its great versatility puts it ahead of other materials. For example, it can be considered a 100% recyclable material. This makes the aluminium industry one of the most sustainable, a significant fact, since energy efficiency in construction is very important in these times.

At Dressler Aluminio, we would like to thank all those who have trusted our professionalism and reliability in carrying out their projects. Without the trust of the satisfied client, we could not have celebrated our fiftieth anniversary offering constructive solutions with aluminium. We hope there will be many more giving shape to architectural ideas in a tangible way.

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