Advantages of aluminium in the building industry

We never tire of talking about the importance of aluminium for architectural projects. A material whose physical properties such as lightness, durability or, in places like the Canary Islands, its corrosion resistance make it a product with an infinite number of uses in construction.

A material with myriad aesthetic possibilities.

Aluminium is usually alloyed with other materials to create structures with a multitude of applications in building. An essential element in large-scale glazing and structural facades that provide a high level of comfort inside the house.

Advantages of aluminium in architectural projects

Apart from those already mentioned above, aluminium as a main element in architecture has many uses. When mixed with other metals, such as copper or magnesium, it increases its physical and mechanical capabilities, becoming a lightweight, high resistance material, something coveted in construction.

Aluminium does not require any specific maintenance, except for cleaning for aesthetic purposes.

Products made of this metal have a long life cycle, since they are resistant to water, corrosion or ultraviolet rays. All of this, together with its design flexibility enable architects in our islands to constantly integrate it into their projects. Another important feature of aluminium is its thermal conductivity. Thanks to this, it is perfect for hot-cold installations, although without a specific thermal break treatment, it can become a disadvantage in windows or facades.

In structural terms, it is a perfect material as it does not fatigue the structure. Its low specific weight is ideal for use in cladding and covers, and also its ease to handle and transport to works sites. Aluminium is a fireproof material, although it is true that its alloys melt at 650º without releasing toxic gas. Also their use in high security spaces, in composition with the glass, create a synergy on the structure that is manageable thanks to aluminium’s low weight.

Thus, we have a component highly recommended for architectural projects at a technical and even aesthetic level thanks to the infinite number of surface finishes that aluminium has. Anodised or painted in different colours that provide greater durability to the material and increase its resistance to corrosion. An optimal material for any construction.

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