AEA and ARPAL Join Forces to Promote Aluminum and Its Recycling

AEA y ARPAL Unen Fuerzas para Promover el Aluminio y su Reciclaje

The Spanish Aluminum Association (AEA), representing over 600 companies in the sector, and the Association for the Recycling of Aluminum Products (ARPAL), focused on promoting the recycling of aluminum packaging, have signed a collaboration agreement. This agreement primarily aims to encourage and disseminate initiatives that boost both the aluminum sector and its recycling in Spain, as reported by Mejor de Aluminio on their blog.

Both organizations carry out various activities in favor of the aluminum sector, including institutional initiatives, communication actions, and social awareness and dissemination programs. The newly signed agreement provides a working framework in which both associations commit to sharing and generating projects of mutual interest, provided these do not conflict with the individual interests of each organization.

The key areas of collaboration highlighted in the agreement include the execution of communication actions and the creation of sector-related content intended for both the general public and public administrations. Additionally, the agreement includes the preparation of studies, documents, and reports, as well as the collection of relevant data to be presented to society and public representatives to emphasize the importance of the sector. The organization of workshops and dissemination events aimed at members, prescribers, and the general public is also a fundamental part of the agreement.

At the signing ceremony, Olga Roger, General Director of ARPAL, and Gonzalo de Olabarria, Secretary General of AEA, emphasized the importance of this collaboration. De Olabarria stated, “With the signing of this agreement, we reaffirm the excellent relationship we have maintained from the beginning between AEA and ARPAL. We represent a crucial sector for the Spanish economy, which remains vital for the progress towards a circular economy. By joining forces, we not only enhance the visibility and positioning of our industries but also strengthen their positive impact.”

Olga Roger added, “This agreement will jointly enhance the execution of activities and actions to promote the development of the aluminum sector and its recycling. Since aluminum can be infinitely recycled, its reuse provides significant environmental and economic benefits.”

The document also stipulates that both entities will support each other’s institutional and technical efforts in all forums, commissions, and bodies where common interest topics are discussed. The agreement has an initial duration of one year, automatically renewable unless one of the parties explicitly expresses the desire not to renew it.

This collaboration formalizes and strengthens the pre-existing relationship between AEA and ARPAL, consolidating their joint efforts to promote a sustainable and dynamic aluminum sector in Spain.

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