Aluminium. A key material in the energy efficiency of buildings

Aluminium windows and doors, a prestigious website about aluminium in Architecture, has released a report on the beneficial impact of aluminium in energy savings and efficiency.
The enclosures have a large influence in the energy consumption that we make. The data enables us to say that loss of energy through enclosures can reach up to 25% of the total energy lost.

Aluminium is one of the most sustainable industries.

Energy certification is about exchanging inefficient enclosures or materials for new ones with better performance. In the long run, it will be more cost-efficient for the owner by increasing the energy efficiency and increasing health comfort. And here, thermal bridge break aluminium is a perfect material for this purpose.

Aluminium carpentry in energy efficiency

Outward-facing holes are the main critical point of energy loss in the building envelope. Aluminium carpentry systems with thermal bridge break save up to 40% of the energy that is wasted. If good glazing is added to this, it becomes a highly energy-efficient enclosure.

Industry continues to move from production to use and recycling.

In addition, progress has been made in the production of aluminium carpentry to protect the planet. Efficient use of resources, reduction of waste in manufacturing process and an increase in the useful life of the material are actions that help the environment. One of the primary characteristics of this material is that it can be recycled as many times as required without losing any physical properties or quality. Recovery of the material on site is around 90%, which can then be recycled. That is why recovery efforts have been stepped up across Europe.

Factors to be assessed

There are three factors that are important to evaluate in aluminium carpentry for it to be energy efficient. The solar factor, air permeability and thermal transmission must be suitable for the environment where the system will be placed. Similarly, the geographical location and orientation of the facade have something to contribute to the right choice. All the parts that make up an aluminium carpentry system are involved in its energy efficiency. The frame, the sashes, the glass or other elements contribute their part to achieving an insulating building element for the energy saving properties of the house.

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