Aluminium Facade – All you need to know to make a decision

As in all aspects of life, technological advances are present in our daily lives. The world of construction is no different, and has been adapting to the technological solutions that modernisation puts within our reach. In this way, the aluminium facade is beginning to be a key element in many architectural projects.

Aluminium facades are becoming a comprehensive solution to the design difficulties that have arisen in recent years. The new generation of aluminium facades consists of a base system, with a wide range of struts and crossbeams. Through this framework, the various aesthetic and constructive needs that arise today are met.

Aluminium profiles

Thanks to a wide range of options in terms of profiles, both struts (from 16 to 250 mm.) and crossbeams (from 22.5 to 255.5 mm.) as well as complementary accessories are common to Cortizo’s aluminium facades. The reliability of these profiles in a load-bearing structure by means of mechanical joints gives us the possibility of solving and executing all types of facades. Inclined vertical facades on a 90° corner, in corners, polygonal,… Even modules with large, heavy glass will not be an insurmountable obstacle for the aluminium facade.

The aluminium facade: a perfect solution

The Stick system is one of the most well-known and traditional solutions, where the glass is fixed to the load-bearing profiles by means of a continuous pressure profile that is attached to a screw holder on the outside to perform this function. The union of the glass to struts and crossbeams will be made at four points where separating rubbers will be arranged to avoid direct contact between the glass and the metal. An aesthetic solution will be adopted to cover the mounting elements known as a placket.

Special conditions such as large thermal bridge break and a large glazing capacity (very thick and highly energy-efficient glass) give these aluminium facades excellent thermal and acoustic performance. In this regard, it is also worth noting the infinite number of aesthetic finishes that this variant of facades offers us. As with any other aluminium solution, we can find different types of lacquering (colours, imitation wood, anti-bacterial) as well as anodising in a limitless range of colours.

Dressler Aluminio has complete confidence in aluminium facades as the perfect solution for the correct development of your project. Contact us, we will be happy to advise you in the best possible way.

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