Aluminium takes the lead in construction projects

Aluminium can be found in different ways in a construction project. Windows, curtain walls, ventilated facades, shutters and an endless number of possibilities that the material brings to our business or home.

Robust and lightweight structures, material strengths.

Its low weight aid for the construction of lightweight structures and the pre-fabrication of components. This means that there is no need to use heavy equipment to move them when working with them on site. A great benefit for the productivity of the project.

How do we find aluminium?

In architectural projects, aluminium has taken on a certain prominence, usually in fixed windows or terrace enclosures, but their field is much wider. As mentioned above, aluminium is used in curtain walls, ventilated facades or as safety measures in shutters and railings.

  • Windows

We can find them basically as fixed or sliding. Among fixed option, casement windows can be found; that is, those that rotate on metal fittings located on one side of the sashes. The hinged pieces make it possible to place sealing gaskets around the perimeter of the aluminium window. Hinged windows are also known as swing windows, which only open from the top.

Aluminium sliding windows are closed by a vertical profile that prevents the sashes from crossing and is sealed with polypropylene mats. It is closed by means of fittings embedded in the aluminium profile.

  • Curtain walls

These are self-supporting facades independent of the building structure. It is made up of low-thickness and lightweight elements. The structural elements and anchors are attached to the structural elements by means of steel laminated profiles.

  • Ventilated facades

Aluminium ventilated facades are composed of aluminium or composite panels supported by mechanically or chemically fixed aluminium profiles. Its appearance can be:

  1. Grille type.
  2. Grille and glass type.
  3. Modular facades.
  4. Photovoltaic glassware and windows.
  • Shutters

In aluminium, the most common types are the Majorcan.These are shutters that, instead of being made of glass, are composed of rotating shutter slats. An internal mechanism makes it possible to regulate the entry of light into the area until it is completely dark. Both the hinged and the sliding types can be found on the market.

  • Tilt and turn

These windows use fittings that combine the opening of the casement system with the pivoting system.This system enables indoor air renewal with minimum opening of the aluminium window. The fittings offer the possibility of changing the rotation axis of the sash, with the option of opening the window on a vertical or horizontal axis.

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