Aluminium, the planet’s ally

In contrast to the environmental impact of aluminium production, when it comes to recycling it for reuse in construction, the situation undergoes a 180° turnaround. In this regard, aluminium is one of the most “eco-friendly” materials available today.

Aluminium production

Aluminium is one of the most prevalent materials in the earth’s crust (approximately 8%). However, the production of the most important non-ferrous metal is among the most expensive in the industry. The process of transforming the original bauxite into the final aluminium as we know it, involves the use of about 19,000 KWh to reach temperatures ranging from 1,000 °C – 2,000 °C.

On an environmental level, the production of aluminium in the West is facilitated by the use of renewable energies. Approximately 62% of this is through the use of hydroelectric energy. In ecological terms, this considerably reduces the impact of this costly and time-consuming process.

However, once the obstacle posed by the difficult creation of such a used material is overcome, the benefits and the true character of aluminium as an ally of the environment begin to emerge.

Aluminium recycling

Aluminium is a 100% recyclable material, and in this case totally reusable. These are the two most important aspects that we can attribute to it. Much of this is due to the fact that aluminium, thanks to its lightness and resistance, is a material that is easy to handle and transport, that does not burn and does not rust. This facilitates its storage for later treatment and obtaining secondary aluminium.

The process of recycling aluminium is diametrically opposed to that of its creation. The transformation of a door, window or any form into which the material has been shaped only requires 5% of the energy needed for the manufacture of primary aluminium.

The result of recycling is none other than an aluminium with a lower environmental impact, which will not interact with the environment, but has the same physical and mechanical properties as in its first phase of life. All this is regardless of how many times it has been recycled and reused.

Dressler Aluminio is committed to the sustainable development of our business. Therefore, the use of a material that for the vast majority of its useful life is in solidarity with the maintenance of the planet, is a fundamental aspect for us.

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