Architectural Glass Rocalux ®, this year’s most innovatory product

The jury of the XV Economic Castile and León Awards was fascinated with this new architectural glass that transforms into any natural surface for construction. Tvitec, a tireless innovator in the field of sustainable glazing, launched the Rocalux ® by Tvitec range, which has won the Innovatory Product of the Year Award. This is discussed in the Tvitec blog.

They responded to this recognition in an official statement:

“Tvitec System Glass has developed Rocalux, an innovative and textured architectural glass surface that can sustainably reproduce any type of material for building. The innovation and digital technology applied by the company led by Javier Prado enables the light reflection inherent in glass to be eliminated, giving it an optimal matt appearance for opaque enclosures, amongst other applications”.

Rocalux ® reproduces any natural finish for construction materials, especially in the field of stone and its derivatives. This is achieved through digital printing, amongst other more complex processes. It is a highly beneficial innovation, as it reduces the environmental impact of the extraction of these resources.

This new material is already having significant success in the development of both building interiors and facades, given its capacity to imitate various finishes such as wood, slate, marble and stone, amongst others.

As stated by Tvitec’s Communications Manager, Roberto Arias, this award is a boost for the industrial project. The project, which has an investment of 60 million euros, focuses on the manufacture of different lines of Rocalux ® in order to meet national and international demand.

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