CLIMALIT ECOLÓGICO: The first double glazing with reduced carbon footprint

The concept that Saint-Gobain Glass España proposed with CLIMALIT PLUS has evolved. We now have CLIMALIT ECOLÓGICO, probably the company’s product of the year. The demanding production process that follows their glasses has allowed, regarding the environmental impact, to achieve for the whole glazing solution a significant reduction of the carbon footprint. This is what Mejor de aluminio tells us in its blog.

“It is a range of double and triple glazing whose glass has been manufactured by Saint-Gobain Glass with the lowest carbon footprint on the market”.

Thanks to a 25% reduction in carbon footprint, CLIMALIT ECOLÓGICO is the most sustainable solution on the market for window glazing in the residential sector. This makes it a responsible investment in the home for both the planet and the user. Moreover, thermal and acoustic insulation, security, natural light and safety are some of the many advantages in terms of comfort and bill savings offered by the product.

The glass, manufactured by Saint-Gobain Glass on ORAÉ substrate, is composed of a range of double and triple glazing. The CLIMALIT brand’s commitment to the environment is reinforced by this material, as it is the first float glass in the world to have a low carbon footprint, which contributes to the protection of the environment. Specifically, CLIMALIT ECOLÓGICO features STADIP ORAÉ laminated safety glass on the inside and PLANISTAR ONE ORAÉ glass on the outside, with warm-edge and argonene interlayer profile chambers in all the solutions in its range. This ensures a high level of energy efficiency.

“With a carbon footprint reduced by 25%, the CLIMALIT ECOLÓGICO range reflects Saint-Gobain’s firm commitment to protecting the planet and to sustainable construction as a key sector in contributing to carbon neutrality by 2050.”

Thus, while ensuring safety in use and natural light, they offer excellent solar control and thermal insulation. In addition, the range offers solutions specifically focused on reinforced acoustic comfort, in case it is necessary to reduce external noise, STADIP SILENCE ORAÉ.

People who are aware of and committed to protecting the planet and who also want to take care of their wallet and enjoy well-being can benefit from the CLIMALIT ECOLÓGICO glazing range, designed specifically for them.

“With CLIMALIT ECOLÓGICO, Saint-Gobain Glass transfers its latest technological innovation related to contributing to environmental protection to the window.”

By promoting energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, Saint-Gobain Glass strengthens its commitment to sustainability as a key element of its brands in innovation and production processes, a commitment aligned with its commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 and with the Group’s purpose “Making The World a Better Home”.

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