Confemetal Calls for Policies that Promote Competitiveness and Productivity

Confemetal Calls for Policies that Promote Competitiveness and Productivity

Recently, Madrid hosted the Annual Assembly of the Spanish Confederation of Metal Employers’ Organizations, Confemetal, where President José Miguel Guerrero presented the 2023 Report and the activities report for the previous year. This is what Metalindustria tells us on their blog.

Guerrero highlighted that in 2023, there was a 3.2% increase in Metal Industry production, matching the sector’s turnover growth. These indicators were two-tenths below the price increase from the previous year. Exports of metal products grew by 8.9% during the period, while imports experienced a more moderate increase of 4.6%.

Despite these advancements, the data from 2022 and 2023 did not offset the double-digit declines in production and turnover experienced in 2020 and 2021. Guerrero pointed out that, although the 2023 balance is positive, the figures deteriorated quarter after quarter, and the outlook from the Sentiment Surveys is not optimistic.

Confemetal’s president criticized the measures taken so far to revive activity, labeling them as only partially effective and lacking a comprehensive and coordinated plan. He emphasized the need for countercyclical orientation of economic policies and efficient management of European Funds.

Guerrero underscored the importance of collaboration among institutions, administrations, social actors, and citizens to boost productivity and competitiveness. He highlighted training, innovation, favorable taxation, labor flexibility, energy efficiency, infrastructure development, and external promotion as key vectors.

In his report, Guerrero highlighted that businesses bear the brunt of economic, social, and fiscal policies but continue to adapt to the environment and generate benefits for society.

Confemetal’s president argued for the need to facilitate business activity recovery by reducing costs and promoting competitiveness and productivity through innovation, training, and internationalization, as well as improving financing channels.

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