Coodo, the first mobile apartment made of wood and aluminium

Coodo is a prefabricated house with an avant-garde design that can be installed almost anywhere, whether an urban environment or a natural setting.

It looks like an elongated white box with rounded ends, almost like a giant appliance. It’s actually an innovative modular space, in a minimalist, contemporary style, designed for living or working anywhere (including rented land). Installation is fast and cost-effective, with minimum environmental impact.

Coodo is manufactured in wood and aluminium with a clean lines design that uses sustainable and quality materials. The complete glazing of the two facades, from floor to ceiling, gives a feeling of spaciousness and helps the interior space to blend with the environment. That is why Coodo’s design is in high demand for installation in luxury getaways on beaches, cliffs and other locations surrounded by nature.

Its large-scale glassware makes it possible to feel as one with the environment

But the possibilities are endless: its characteristics enable it to be used as an annex to other buildings (in a garden next to the main house, for example, you would get valuable additional space as a guest house, summerhouse, gym, painter’s studio, lounge for the swimming pool, etc.) or to accommodate businesses: from offices to showrooms or small shops.

This small prefabricated apartment guarantees a modular surface of 9, 15, 24, 36, 64 or 96 useful meters, either as a pergola or as an enclosed area. It is offered in two finishes (with a choice of exterior cladding: wood or white aluminium) and in various sizes, with one or two levels. There is even a floating version, Watercoodo, which can be placed directly on water.

The buyer can change or customise all the elements on the inside depending on how it will be used, Coodo will be delivered as a shell, with either a basic or fully equipped interior with toilet facilities, a full kitchen, furniture, heating and air conditioning, etc.

The smaller version of Coodo measures 3 cubic meters and can function as a sauna, a work shed, a ticket booth, a toilet, etc.

In its manufacture, special emphasis has been placed on thermal insulation, ventilation, and security (with aluminium frames and reinforced anti-theft glass). It has low electricity consumption, thanks to its triple-glazed facades and the installed A-rated energy-saving equipment.

Designed in Germany by the company LTG Lofts to go, Coodo is an answer to the growing demand for constructions that guarantee freedom, independence and flexibility.

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