Basic Information on Data Protection

Data Controller: Aluservis S.L. (+Info)

Purpose: management of navigation data and analysis of website visits. (+Info)

Rights: you can exercise your right of rectification and deletion, as well as others, as stipulated in the extended information that you can consult by checking our privacy policy.




In compliance with article 22.2 of Law 34/2002 on Information Society Services (LSSI), we at Dressler Aluminio inform you that the installation of cookies is required to ensure correct navigation and use of this website.

The purpose of the installation, and thus, personal data processing associated with the use of this technology, is to configure technical security and personalisation measures and ensure the basic functioning of the website (technical cookies), as well as to be able to analyse the navigation of users and visitors through the website (analytical cookies).

The data collected through cookies will be stored for the duration of the period indicated in the table below, in this very section. The end of this period will be calculated from the end of each user session on the website.

You can either accept or reject the installation of Dressler Aluminio cookies. If you reject or block them, you may not be able to navigate through the site correctly. Not installing cookies leads to the incorrect loading of multimedia content, prevents access to the client area and makes it impossible for users to set their page use preferences, among other things.


What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files, which save user information and are stored from your own device; that is, a PC, Tablet or mobile.


Who issues cookies and what for?

Cookies are issued by a website, in order to improve the user’s navigation experience, as well as to perform analyses of their actions within the website. Cookies allow the website that issued them to remember the user’s choices and navigation habits.


What types of cookies are there?

Cookies can be classified according to 3 criteria:

1. Entity that manages them: Whether they are their own or from third parties.

2. Time period in which they remain active: Session or persistent cookies.

3. According to their purpose.

a. Technical cookies (no consent required)

b. Customisation Cookies.

c. Analysis Cookies

d. Advertising Cookies

e. Behavioural Advertising Cookies.


How do I manage the cookies on my devices?

You choose whether or not to accept the installation of cookies from this website,, on your devices. You can choose to block the installation of cookies directly from your browser, as well as choose to install one and delete another.

How to set cookies in your browser:

1. Internet Explorer: Tools > Internet options > Privacy > Settings. For more information, you may visit Microsoft support page or the Help tab on the browser.

2. Firefox: Tools > Options > Privacy > History > Custom Settings. For more information, you may visit the Mozilla Support or the Help tab in the browser.

3. Chrome: Settings > Advanced options > Privacy > Content settings. For more information, you may visit the Google support page or the Help tab in the browser.

4. Safari: Preferences > Safety. For more information, you may visit the Apple Support or the Help tab in the browser.

5. Opera: Settings > Options > Advanced > For more information, you may visit the Opera support page or the browser’s Help section.

*These settings may not be available on mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones.

*If you use a browser other than those listed above, please check its policy on installation, use and blocking of cookies.


Cookies used on this Website

The following is a list of the cookies used on this website. This list is not exhaustive.





necessary 1 hour Cookie used to store in consent of the user in the category of necessary cookies. Technique


necessary 1 day Cookie used to store the user’s consent in the category of not necessary cookies. Technique

viewed_cookie_policy 1 year Used to display or not, the first layer notice about the use of cookies by the web. Technique



Cookies for technical purposes:


CONSENT Google 20 years Google Maps Cookie, used for the operation of the Google map.

Cookies for analytical purposes:


NID Google 6 months This implements certain Google utilities and can store certain preferences.

1P_JAR Google 1 month Transfers statistics to Google.

OGPC Google 2 months Stores user preferences and information during viewing of Google maps.

DV Google 24 hours Provides services and extracts anonymous navigation data


Dressler Aluminio and Google Analytics

In order to improve the services we provide, we make use of the Google Inc web analytics service, Google Analytics, which allows us to monitor ANONYMOUSLY a user’s activity on our website.

The cookies that are installed when you use the Google Analytics service are:




_ga 2 years Google Analytics Cookie that enables the unique visit control function. The first time a user enters the website through a browser this cookie will be installed. When this user enters the website again with the same browser, the cookie will consider it to be the same user. Only if the user changes the browser, it will be considered another user.


24 hours This cookie is associated with Google Analytics Universal. It is used to limit the speed of request – limiting data collection on high traffic sites.

_gid 1 minute It is used to limit the percentage of requests. When using Google Tag Manager it can be called



Cookies in Social Networks and Internet Services

You should also note that third party cookies will be installed for all visitors to the following platforms on which Dressler Aluminio has a website and/or company profile: 1. LinkedIn: Cookies on the LinkedIn website


Updating of the cookie policy and use of other cookies.

With the evolution of technology, the use of different cookies is very likely, therefore, if we implement the use of cookies that affect your privacy in a way that is different from the ones you have previously authorised, we will inform you and ask for your consent.