CORTIZO presents COR 70 Evolution: The revolution in hinged aluminum systems

CORTIZO has launched its new COR 70 Evolution series of 16-channel aluminum. This hinged system is specially designed for the industrial manufacturing of windows, doors, and balcony doors, and stands out for its ability to significantly reduce production times. Vidrioperfil tells us about it on their blog.

The main innovation of COR 70 Evolution lies in its revolutionary design. Thanks to a clever incorporation of polyamide, the profile allows for the inclusion of the central joint without the need for manual placement.

Furthermore, this CORTIZO system offers a wide variety of gaskets, ranging from 2.5 mm to 8.5 mm, to meet different glazing needs. The assembly of this series is further simplified by the use of assembly brackets and the availability of a tubular leaf that allows for the use of direct-fixing hinges. Additionally, a two-piece hidden leaf central inverter has been incorporated, facilitating the glazing process on-site without requiring the dismantling of the profile and hardware.

The COR 70 Evolution series is available in two versions: hidden leaf and semi-visible leaf. Both options offer the possibility of a monobloc frame with head or perimeter installation. Moreover, special attention has been given to aesthetics, providing details such as gasket options in black or gray, black and white caps, as well as the option to hide hinges and drainage.

In terms of performance, this new system has demonstrated its excellence by successfully surpassing rigorous testing in laboratories. It has achieved a Class 4 rating in air permeability, Class E1200 in water tightness, and Class C5 in wind resistance, ensuring outstanding quality and performance.

In summary, CORTIZO’s COR 70 Evolution series represents a notable advancement in the world of window, door, and balcony door manufacturing. Its innovative design, versatility, and outstanding performance make it an unmatched choice for those seeking high-quality solutions in the industry.

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