CORTIZO presents its 2021-2025 PVC expansion and sustainability plan

Plan de expansión y sostenibilidad del PVC

This year, CORTIZO has presented its 2021-2025 PVC expansion and sustainability plan. This project will generate a total of 145 jobs and 51 million euros will be invested. Daniel Lainz (CORTIZO Architecture General Manager) and Estanislao Suárez (CORTIZO PVC Manager) announced the main aspects of the project on the CORTIZO website.

2021-2025 PVC expansion and sustainability plan specifications

To launch this plan, investment will be made in an expansion of the surface of the factory located on the Picusa Industrial Estate, Padrón (A Coruña). A total of 21,000 square metres were built, where 30 extruders were installed for the production of PVC profiles.

It should be pointed out that CORTIZO had a factory of 15,000 square metres and 15 extruders. Upon completion of the product, the extension will span 36,000 square metres with a total of 45 extruders. In this way, they will triple their production capacity and promote the internationalization of their PVC division.

“The company’s main target countries in the project are France and Belgium, although during 2020 they made international sales in countries such as Croatia, Mexico, Costa Rica or Belgium itself” said Lainz.

The new PVC recycling plant

A part of the investment for this project will go towards the construction of a PVC recycling plant. 10 million euros will be invested and there will be a total of 15 new employees.

PVC can be reused up to 10 times without it losing any of its properties, a process that enables 2 kilos of CO₂ emissions to be reduced per recycled kilo. At its new plant, CORTIZO will be able to recycle up to 10,000 tons annually from windows that have been replaced after the end of their useful life, as well as the croppings and leftovers from the profiles themselves used when manufacturing the new ones.
CORTIZO will be the only company in the sector in Europe to re-incorporate both PVC and aluminium into the production cycle, establishing itself as the most sustainable brand in the sector.

CORTIZO PVC Keeps growing

Since its creation in 2014, CORTIZO PVC has not stopped growing. At the end of 2020, this company had a turnover of 34.3 million euros, increasing its turnover by 22.6%.

The remarkable growth of the Galician multinational is not only reflected in turnover and demand for products, but also in the creation of facilities and the hiring of new personnel.

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