CORTIZO UNIT 66 modular facade

Fachada modular UNIT 66 de CORTIZO

Recently, CORTIZO has released a new modular facade called UNIT 66, a curtain wall system with a thermal break. It has been designed by its Large Development Engineering to provide high-rise or large surface building envelopes. It is a solution with a 66 mm visible section, which combines its capabilities with a wide range of custom designs

Next, we will look at some of the characteristics that have been explained on the mejordealuminio blog.

What are the features of THE UNIT 66 modular facade?

The new CORTIZO UNIT 66 modular facade is distinguished by its excellent thermal performance. This is possible due to the thermal bridge break with 25- or 40-mm polyamides and a 58 mm maximum glazing capacity, enabling triple glazing to be fitted. Its transmittance index is UCW, from 0.6 W/m²K.

The UNIT 66 system has obtained great results in the tests carried out.  It has achieved a RE1200 rating in water tightness, AE in air permeability, 2 kN/m² in wind resistance and I5/E5 in impact tests.

The facade’s specifications include 10- or 20-mm perpends. This enables it to provide an optimized response to differential movements and facilitates the installation of adjacent features such as solar protection louvre panel solutions.

Finally, as far as openings are concerned, it enables the integration of workable carpentry systems. It also supports horizontal or parallel projection solutions.

The design of the UNIT 66 modular facade

This modular facade, as its name implies, comprises modules. These are made up of struts and crossbars, which can be made of: aluminium, connectors, sealing components and glass.

Each module can have a maximum size of 1,500 mm wide, 3,700 mm wide and 350 kilos in weight. Even so, greater sizes can be provided with customised studies for each project.

All the processes are undertaken by the Galician multinational. They are carried out in indoors facilities with controlled environmental and execution conditions. In addition, factors such as the use of three-dimensional anchors save up to 70% of manufacturing and execution time. This increases business efficiency and improves the customer’s shopping experience.

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