Dressler Aluminio joins #DoNotJustDiscardYourGlovesAndFaceMasks

With the de-escalation resulting from COVID-19, at Dressler Aluminio we join the ECOEMBES Campaign #DoNotJustDiscardYourGlovesAndFaceMasks

ASINCA Associates

As members of the Industrial Association of the Canary Islands, Dressler Aluminio joins this campaign convinced that being Socially Responsible and Aligned with Sustainable Development Goals contributes to progress, to the improvement of society, sets us apart from the competition and also generates trust in our environment.

Participation in environmental and socially responsible initiatives in the development of our activity can effect a call for business and social awareness, which contributes to making everyone fairer and more sustainable.


By participating in the #DoNotJustDiscardYourGlovesAndFaceMasks campaign, we encourage you to raise awareness about the waste of gloves and face masks, and the consequences of abandoning them inappropriately, generating yet more waste in our natural environment.

Now that we are starting to go outdoors (onto the streets, natural environments, etc.) and gloves and face masks are going to be present in our lives and will accompany us, we must not discard this waste, generating more #rubbishinnature that impacts on nature. They should be placed in the rubbish container for disposable waste, to continue caring for nature.

If you don’t just discard the gloves and face masks that protect you, you will protect the environment around you. #DoNotJustDiscardYourGlovesAndFaceMasks and put them in the rubbish container for disposable waste.

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