Dressler Aluminium: innovating to save energy

Apostando por la eficiencia energética desde Dressler Aluminio

At Dressler Aluminium, we are firmly committed to energy efficiency and energy saving. We use innovative techniques in our projects in the Canary Islands and Africa.

Today we want to show you some really interesting and innovative projects in the field of energy efficiency that have been developed by one of our suppliers: Onyx.

These are just some of the projects they have undertaken. Check them out!

McDonald’s: America’s first zero-emissions restaurant

McDonald’s just launched a flagship restaurant located west of Disney on Buena Vista Drive, Orlando, Florida. The opening of this restaurant confirms the company’s clear commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency. It will become a Zero Energy building: the first Zero Emissions restaurant in the USA.

Onyx Solar designed and manufactured the photovoltaic glass panels fitted on the exterior porch. They are made of two layers of fully tempered 6mm glass, where the interior light is a light grey colour. Solar energy plays a key role in achieving this goal as the restaurant installed 465 m2 photovoltaic glass in the skylights of the outdoor porch. This will produce 79,000 kWh/year.

McDonald’s wanted to have an efficient restaurant, with 100% green energy and without CO2 emissions into the atmosphere – and it has succeeded. McDonald’s also wanted to educate everyone who uses it, so inside, users will be able to watch videos about the project, as well as techniques and changes that they can make in their lives to help in the fight against climate change.

Alcalá 33

Another Onyx project is located in the very heart of Madrid: the Alcalá 33 building.

Constructed in 1900, this building is in Madrid’s old quarter, an Archaeological Historic Site Protection Area. This has led to the restoration work on the exterior facade, the staircase and the portal.

The photovoltaic glass used for this project will cover the inner courtyard, forming a 34m2 amorphous silicon skylight that will improve the building’s efficiency by improving its insulation and producing clean energy, filtering the sun’s harmful rays.

Linares City Council

Linares City Council in Jaén now uses Onyx Solar technology to reduce its carbon footprint, putting it in the same category as similar institutions in Edmonton (Canada) or Bergen (Norway).

The pyramids that make up the skylight of the nineteenth-century building where it is located have been modernized, with photovoltaic glass made of crystalline silicon. This enables energy efficiency to be improved by letting in light and filtering ultraviolet and infrared rays, which will also reduce the use of air conditioning.

In total, the 80 m2 of glass will prevent the emission of 118 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

The first winery with photovoltaic glass

In the heart of California, Corison Winery has changed its design in order to fit Onyx Solar photovoltaic glass on its roof. The design of the project has been carried out while maintaining the aesthetics of the original building. For this reason, the glass has been tinted the same colour as the roof: a dark green that blends perfectly with the impressive views of the Napa Valley vineyards.

The owners of the winery needed to renovate the roof of the building and wanted to implement solar power production, but did not want to include solar panels. What they needed was Onyx Solar’s crystalline silicon photovoltaic glass to blend into the structure and not obstruct the view of the valley or hinder the building’s aesthetics. The 938 m 2 installation will produce enough energy to illuminate 2000 light points, thus avoiding the emission of 648 tons of CO2.

These are just four examples of innovative energy-saving projects carried out by Onyx. If you are interested in implementing a similar project, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We will be sharing new innovation projects with you soon. Check them out!

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