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Architecture enables the planning and construction of buildings and infrastructures for the most wide-ranging human activities.

It responds to the functional needs of customers and users. It is conditioned by available economic resources and temporary conditions which cannot be postponed.

Architecture or engineering always respond to the needs of people and through them to the natural environment, to the space that houses them.

A principle that has defined Dressler Aluminium since its foundation is the vocation to work with the most qualified and demanding professionals. That is how we provide innovative technical solutions and quality execution.

Dressler Aluminium is a company open to new ideas, experiences and solutions for professionals.

Dressler Aluminium Professional Channels

Renovation of tourist infrastructure

The Canary Islands faces the challenge of maintaining and improving its competitive position in the tourist market whilst some of its tourist infrastructure remains obsolete. Therefore, undertaking a process of complete renovation in many tourist areas in the Canary Islands has become a priority for public administrations and companies in the sector.

Today, the tourism industry accounts for 27.2% of the archipelago’s economy’s GDP, compared to 11% at the national level. It generates almost 33% of the employment in the islands, compared to 9.8% in Spain as a whole and is the main export sector, reaching 97.2% in the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands.

Tourism companies need to ensure that responses to the renovation requirements for housing facilities take their needs into account and are adapted to the intended quality objective and the difficulties of dealing with renovation processes compatible with their operation.

Dressler Aluminium is committed to this effort and has proven experience in this type of intervention by adapting to the particular requirement of the sector.

Residential Architecture

A home is a living entity that requires care. The aspiration towards an economic, sustainable habitat adapted to the needs of individuals and families has been a feature in the development of contemporary architecture.

The advances made would not have been possible without the development of easy-to-install, cost-effective and durable materials.

After the growth experienced in construction in recent decades, interventions aimed at housing maintenance, improvement and renovation are now of greater importance in the current economic context.

This new reality requires specialized companies to adapt better to new and pressing demands for quality in operations and the guarantee for customers, all of which showcase their abode as an expression of a way of life.

At Dressler Aluminium, we believe that the small customer is in fact very big.

Tertiary architecture

Works for public use requires suitable materials for high-intensity use.

These new products provide both functional and aesthetic solutions to projects, conferring upon the buildings the unique character that must distinguish them: they are new features with their own identity in the urban space.

Dressler Aluminium has experience in the production and installation of special solutions for tertiary architecture projects, and operates throughout the Canary Archipelago. We support architects and engineers in public tenders and project execution processes with the flexibility required by their compliance both economically and according to deadlines.

Commercial Architecture

Architecture for commercial use demands a careful use of materials not only suitable for a long operational life, but which also contribute something to the space that is fitting, invigorating and makes the sales process enjoyable.

We refer to functional products that provide creative and innovative aesthetic solutions, providing commercial projects with a dimension that differentiates both their environment and the urban space where they are located.

Dressler Aluminium has extensive experience in carrying out commercial architecture projects, providing tailor-made solutions for the customer and execution processes that result in effectiveness and which meets financial targets and deadlines, so important for this sector.

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