Dressler is launching a project to communicate better

The new website and blog are part of an ambitious process to update our facilities, media and marketing channels.

To adapt to the unstoppable upsurge in new technologies that have created, in the last fifteen years, a new paradigm with the creation of new digital ecosystems based on mobile devices.

The new website and corporate blog are adapted to the new technical requirements of smart phones and tablets.

We have launched a comprehensive renovation project that makes communication the key element of the innovative spirit that has animated our work since the company was founded.

Experience without curiosity towards novelty is not an option to move forward with any project. Poor communication prevents us from knowing the needs of our clients and any changes that could represent an improvement in solutions and services.

At Dressler we are strongly committed to making curiosity and the incorporation of new technological solutions one of our main hallmarks.

The other is communication. Two-way communication. To let us share problems and active responses and to understand the needs of an increasingly demanding market.

The website is one of the channels that is adapting to the new reality of the sector.

The blog is an initiative that is framed by the need for a more participatory communication with those who accompany us in our growth because they trust us to fulfil the commitments we make and we do this in a constant search for quality.

Schematic elevation of the new aluminium and glass cladding for the factory facade currently in progress.

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