Function of an aluminium ventilated facade in architecture

Ventilated aluminium facades are an ideal building system to beautify the building envelope and provide greater insulation to the interior.

Modern architecture projects are choosing this resource to add aesthetic value to their buildings.

The ventilated aluminium facade serves as a thermal cushion, saving 30% more energy than other building solutions.

It is a building system that requires little maintenance. It basically consists of an external layer, an insulating layer, and an internal layer. The structure is highly resistant to thermal shocks despite its low weight.

Composite panel for the execution of facades

A composite panel is a building structure that consist of two panels made of aluminium and joined together by a polyethylene core. It is joined to the facade by means of a substructure that supports the internal layer, creating an air chamber that enables permanent air circulation.

Some gaps should be left on the external layer to enable air renewal.

The joints between aluminium pieces avoid material expansion problems. This composition is perfect for balancing temperature changes by acting as a thermal insulator and waterproofing layer. A material with great resistance to corrosion and a long life cycle. Advantages:

  • High performance as an acoustic and thermal insulator
  • Lightweight material with high stiffness.
  • Speed of assembly.
  • Resistant to corrosion and atmospheric agents.

This construction system offers a variety of finishes that are perfect for any project with a ventilated facade (colour, brightness, design). Composite panels are usually used in outdoor spaces but also as interior separators. Its composition prevents the building from “losing” heat, creating optimum interior comfort with simple air circulation in which cold air enters from the bottom and warm air escapes through the top, preventing moisture and condensations on the facade.

We know that the most traditional materials for finishing a facade are usually paint, mortar, and stone or ceramic tiles. Ventilated aluminium facades are such an advanced and innovative solution that they will add a “plus” to your project. Dressler Aluminio offers this type of building system to give a new image to your project. Request a quote at

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