Glass facades that connect with the city

The previous month we were talking about horizontal glazing for terraces or gardens. We continued along that path by positioning ourselves vertically so you could learn about ventilated facades.
Depending on the needs of each project, there are various systems to connect the house with its surroundings.

An interior skin in the building that protects it from the ravages of weather.

The glass must be prepared to withstand bending and impacts. When choosing glass, the project designer must pay special attention to the its light transmission, safety for people and the interior comfort it will provide in the home (thermal and acoustic transmission and ultraviolet protection).

Special care when installing glass facades

When deciding on a glass facade to crown a project, the following aspects must be carefully considered:

  • The project designer must think through the transport and handling of the pieces to optimise installation times.
  • It will always be a «black mark» on the energy efficiency of the building. Although, nowadays, the market provides us with a great variety that greatly limits this aspect.
  • Transverse reinforcements must be planned to withstand processes such as wind.

There are different systems on the market to cover the outside of the building. Glass facades with curtain walls provide a modern look to small-medium sized buildings. Also, using a mixture of slabs and glazings is a good and quick solution for closing spaces. 

The Spider system is visually stunning. Its network of tensioners, glass ribs and steel pillars make this procedure unique. They are attached to the surface of the glass by means of spiders (structural fittings), while the glass facades are secure and visually highly aesthetically attractive.

The installation of the systems can be by means of a stick system or a frame system. The difference between these two is that, for the former, the supporting structure is installed first and then the glass, while for the frame system, the elements work independently of each other.

As you can see, it is a sound solution for buildings. An aesthetic finish with the technical capabilities to find suitable interior comfort. A system where the interior is connected to the exterior, creating an open, brighly-lit space. A way to stand out in architecture, in space and, in short, to make your business think outside the box.

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