Glass in the enclosure that lets you see the sky

Who doesn’t like to be in a comfortable environment where they can contemplate the beauty of a starry sky?
Glass ceilings are perfect for attics, terraces, etc. A construction solution that enables you to have a luminous ceiling and an open space. Basically suitable for any space to be roofed.

Hermetic composition against rain and cold.

A good choice for terraces whose installation must be assessed to see whether it is to be a fixed or a mobile structure. A construction resource made with tempered, laminated or air chambered glass.

Advantages of a glass ceiling

Like all building elements, glass ceilings have their pros and cons. Its energy efficiency is high, depending on the installation. The orientation of the space that is going to be glazed is essential to the energy saving properties of the house. An example is when this type of installation is carried out in rainy regions or in cold climates. A south-facing installation will make the most of the heat and sunlight, providing a comfortable, well-lit space.

It must be clear what we are going to use the glass for, whether as insulation or just to have an open space.

Glass ceilings will provide natural light during the coldest months of the year. For tourist architecture, and even commercial architecture, it gives added value to the space. A way to enjoy an open area at any time with the added bonus of being a perfect acoustic and thermal insulator. A roof full of possibilities that adds comfort to the premises.

The functionality of these types of enclosures in composition with the aluminium creates a weatherproof material. An aesthetic, durable construction that will let you enjoy outdoor spaces in a different way.

In short, glass ceilings are for any time of the year. An enclosure that protects from rain, wind and noise. An aperture through which to enjoy your surroundings and the heavens. A window on the environment around us.

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