Lift and slide doors

Lift and slide doors make it possible to enjoy the advantages of sliding doors and hinged doors all in one and without invading space.

We have heard many times that the sealing of a sliding unit is not the same as in a casement or hinged unit, and this is correct. Hinged units have a snap lock between the rubber seals on the sheet and the frame. In contrast, the sliders have a friction lock when the sheet enters the frame.

The great advantage of this system, as we explain in this post, is precisely that it offers the best of both solutions. Its special fitting means the sheet first extends from the frame towards the interior, and then slides along a rail. In addition to its great functionality and comfort, it offers very high levels of watertightness and soundproofing. This is the only solution that achieves levels of watertightness similar to those of casement or hinged units.

Several manufacturers offer this solution. If you wish to obtain more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Source: Veneo, Incerco

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