New SOUDAL production plant in Belgium

Manufacturing has recently begun on the new Soudal production plant in Belgium. Plant 5 (as this new production plant is known) is located in Everdongenlaan (Belgium), in close proximity to the company´s headquarters. It will support the growth of the company itself and generate a large volume of additional employment.

What is Soudal?

Soudal is the largest independent European producer of polyurethane sealants, adhesives and foams, for both professional and private users. With over 3,700 employees and 23 production plants on the 5 continents, this 100% family Belgian company, founded by Vic Swerts, has become a global player as an expert in chemical construction specialisation. Large investments in R&D and a long-standing vision of innovation and adaptation to the needs of the local market have laid the foundations for Soudal’s excellent performance.

About this project

The project consists of the creation of a new, ultramodern and fully automated production plant for Soudal, which will occupy 20,000 square metres on the almost 5 hectares of the overall project. Plant 5 is a remarkable project in terms of investment, ambition and innovation. Large quantities of sealants and adhesives will be mixed and packed there in an almost completely automatic process. This great automation will mean less waste and energy consumption for Soudal. The whole process will be based on the company’s green philosophy, which consists of manufacturing through sustainable and environmentally friendly systems .

It should be pointed out that Soudal currently has construction projects underway at 12 of our 23 production sites around the world.

Some details of the new Soudal production plant

Plant 5 represents an investment of 40 million euros, and will strengthen Soudal strong connections with the Kempen region even further. Hybrid sealants and adhesives will be generated during the first production stage. Furthermore, employment in Soudal’s Turnhout branches, which currently surpasses 1,000 jobs, will also be boosted.

This new factory has been built due to the continuous growth reflected by the company’s slogan, and which they have been able to implement perfectly: “Build the future”.

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