NOTEAL is a Technal range that is renowned for its solutions for all projects in the new build or renovation market. The range includes sliding shutters, folding shutters and screening. The variety of compositions and their combinations give them great versatility: fixed or adjustable, mixed, opaque, full-height or crossbar slats. Mejordealuminio tells us all about it on their blog.

These are architectural solutions that can be applied to such relevant problems as sun protection, natural ventilation and security, by means of total or partial screening, the choice between fixed or adjustable slats and burglar proof, respectively.


Today’s buildings must respond to requirements such as natural ventilation, solar gain management or obtaining more natural light. The NOTEAL range was created in order to respond to these requirements and today offers a wide variety of suspended sliding shutter applications based on a 30mm module. In addition, it can integrate rail motorization.


The range has common filler material for the folding and sliding shutters, a variety of fillers, both opaque and semi-transparent, and multiple combinations for windows and balcony doors. Different possibilities of putting in work either in appliqué or under lintel. It can be adapted to large dimensions and, in addition, it has a wide range of Technal finishes.


For contemporary solutions, the range offers screening/sliding shutter panels with the option of motorisation. For traditional solutions, it offers folding shutters, while for regional solutions, Mediterranean-style shutters.


The aesthetic section is highly varied and based on the opaque with vertical or horizontal slats model. Slats are fixed or adjustable and either at full height or with an intermediate crossbar, or mixed, with a fixed or lower slat. It has shutters with a curved option and “niçois” with manual outward opening.


The range is tested in accordance with the standards of European regulations, allowing it to carry CE marking. Depending on the applications, the results obtained for wind tightness are class 6.


Finally, it should be noted that the range has an aluminium lock and the locking device is reversible for right and left-handed, with 2 positions: long and short. They have a sliding-type manoeuvre closure and a 2- point cylinder.

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