Refurbishment Guayarmina Princess Hotel in Tenerife

Last December the Guayarmina Princess Hotel reopened following a complete refurbishment. Located on the beachline in Adeje (Tenerife), this hotel is named as a tribute to the noble Canary aboriginal princess Guayarmina. Initially built in the late 1980s, Dressler Aluminio collaborated in both its initial construction and this refurbishment carried out during the second half of 2018.

Our participation

In this refurbishment process, Dressler Aluminio participated both in the renovation of the common areas and in the hotel’s 505 available rooms.

In the common areas, work focused on the outdoor area, the reception and the dining rooms. For the outdoor area, railings were installed with safety glass and an enclosure with die-cut composite panel with a design provided by the client. Our intervention in the reception area consisted mainly of the installation of automatic opening doors, in addition to other hinged units. And finally, in the dining area, stackable safety glass doors were installed to ensure adequate ventilation in the rooms, as well as the privacy necessary for clients’ well-deserved rest.

In the rooms our work focused on the balconies. On the one hand, new sliding doors were installed for access to the outside, and on the other hand, a new railing with safety glass was installed. Both interventions enable guests to enjoy the wonderful views afforded by the facilities with the maximum possible safety.

Our participation was not without its difficulties, but thanks to the efforts of the entire Dressler team we were able to meet the client’s needs.

Dressler Aluminio is delighted that the Princess chain once again confided in us to carry out this work.

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