Supermarket in Telde (Gran Canaria)

Between April and July, Dressler Aluminio collaborated with Syocsa Inarsa in the construction of a new supermarket shop in Telde, Gran Canaria. On this occasion, it was for the ninth shop of this supermarket on the island of Gran Canaria, specifically in the municipality of Telde.

With a sales display of more than 1,400 square metres as well as ample parking space. This new shop has the latest innovations that the chain is implementing in its new openings.

Dressler Aluminio carried out the fabrication and installation of the curtain wall that stands out in the main façade as well as different units in the interior. Following the chain’s strategy, the glass installed is extremely selective solar control glass. These are their main characteristics, in addition to safety, thermal comfort, extreme transparency, low solar factor and low shading coefficient.

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