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The data from Europe is very alarming. The construction sector represents 40% of total energy consumption, produces 35% of the emissions that cause the greenhouse effect and accounts for a third of the waste generated on the planet. So much so, that more than 37,000 tons of CO2 were emitted throughout the year 2018 (Source:

But we already have a new product on the market that deals with these terrifying facts. Technal has recently launched Hydro CIRCAL, the first certified recycled aluminium, which guarantees that at least 75% of its material comes from aluminium recycled from post-consumption windows. In addition, in order to demonstrate clear transparency in its processes, DNV-GL certifies this minimum percentage of recycled material.

Emissions reduction

The data on emissions are clear. The world average is 18 kg of CO2 per kg of aluminium, and the European average is 8.6 kg of CO2. In contrast, the Hydro CIRCAL 75R range puts emissions at just 2.0 kg of CO2 per kg of aluminium.

No doubt these data are overwhelming, but there is more. Recycled aluminium casting requires only 5% of the energy consumption used for primary aluminium.

The recycling process

But obtaining these magnificent results involves hard work, which begins at the Hydro Group’s facilities in Dormagen (Germany). It is at this plant that the material considered suitable for the manufacture of the new Hydro CIRCAL 75R range is selected.

Subsequently, at another of the group’s facilities, this time located in Clervaux (Luxembourg), the previously selected recycled aluminium is complemented with the primary aluminium.

About Technal

Technal is a brand of the Hydro Group with 2,800 collaborators in 29 countries in its Building Systems division. The group’s various brands have an 18% share of the European market.

Hydro is present in all segments of the aluminium market, with sales and trading activities that are part of a value chain serving more than 30,000 clients.

In addition to the production of primary aluminium, rolled and extruded products and recycling, Hydro also extracts bauxite, refines alumina and produces energy. It is the only company with 360º vision in the aluminium industry worldwide.

Source: technal, elledecor

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