Revolutionary Photovoltaic Railings by Saint-Gobain Glassolutions: Harnessing Daylight Energy

In a world where sustainability has become an essential pillar, Saint-Gobain Glassolutions takes a bold step with its new range of “conecta SOLAR” railings. These multifunctional railings offer much more than mere protection for balconies and terraces; they transform sunlight into electrical energy. This innovative system is not just a technological marvel; it seamlessly integrates into the building’s architecture, providing security and sustainability in one package.

The Power of Solar Energy in Your Railings

Have you ever thought about harnessing the sun’s energy more efficiently? “Conecta SOLAR” railings make it possible. Unique in Spain, these railings incorporate photovoltaic cells into their glass structure, allowing them to convert sunlight into electrical energy. They function as solar panels while fulfilling their primary role: ensuring safety on balconies and terraces.


These photovoltaic railings are not just an eco-friendly solution; they offer several notable advantages:

Top-notch Security: The “conecta SOLAR” railings are designed to resist impacts and breakage, ensuring uncompromised safety.

Perfect Integration: They are an integral part of the building’s structure, seamlessly blending into the facade for a harmonious appearance.

Simple and Fast Installation: As a complete system, their installation is quick and easy, saving time and costs.

Variety of Options: The railings are available in multiple configurations, power levels, and designs, adapting to the needs of each project.

Attractive Design: In addition to their functionality, the railings offer an aesthetic design with different levels of transparency, making them a versatile and elegant choice.

In summary, “Conecta SOLAR” railings by Saint-Gobain Glassolutions represent an exciting innovation in sustainable architecture. They not only provide security and aesthetics but also harness the abundant and clean energy of the sun to create a more efficient and environmentally friendly environment. The combination of functionality and sustainability in one product sets a new standard in the world of construction and modern architecture.

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