Schüco TipTronic SimplySmart Fittings

Schüco sets new standards in concealed drive technology with the new TipTronic SimplySmart. In addition to a fitting system that is the quietest Schüco mechatronic drive on the market, it is a fully tested system comprising profile system, mechanism and fittings. This is what Schüco tells us in its blog.

In addition, flexible sizes and increased opening widths make it possible to use TipTronic SimplySmart in all Schüco window systems, regardless of the type of opening.

This quietly operating fitting series is able to meet the needs and requirements of energy efficiency, safety and comfort when integrated into building automation. Whether in residential or public buildings.

Schüco TipTronic SimplySmart is capable of locking the window at various points using its modular security locks, with a burglar protection system up to class RC 2 (WK2). In addition, Schüco offers a pinch protection system with a connector strip that can respond to even the slightest contact at any point in the frame.

Partial opening for ventilation, night cooling and timed ventilation are just some of the functions of the mechatronic fitting system that add to the energy-saving benefits.

With regard to daily ventilation, opening widths of up to 500 mm as well as 750 mm with the “drawbridge” opening type guarantee a high level of user comfort.

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