Tempered glass, room divisions that unite

Architecture is introducing new materials to give a distinctive personality to the building. In it, tempered glass has gained a significant place due to its endless uses.
A composition five times harder than normal glass makes it safe. Why? Easy: when it breaks it shatters into thousands of small rounded pieces. This eliminates the potentially more dangerous sharp edges.

Its manufacture is based on a rapid heating and cooling process which gives it characteristics such as temperature resistance. Its low thermal conductivity makes it a perfect thermal insulator and is coveted in architecture. This is one of the main reasons why it is used in ovens, doors and even as a facade.

Uses of tempered glass

The high mechanical resistance of tempered glass makes it the optimal material for buttoned glass facades. The fastening of this type of constructive solution is through holes where great tension is created at that point. If we combine the weight of the glass and the fittings used to secure it, the possibility of breakage increases. Something that doesn’t happen with tempered glass.

We usually see it in bathroom screens, railings or interior partitions. It is ideal in areas with sudden changes in temperature. In shop windows or windows where the possible thermal break is high, it becomes the perfect material to overcome these possible situations.

Manufacturing process

Entering the more technical part of tempered glass manufacturing, glass is heated at more than 600 ºC and then quickly cooled using small nozzles that blow air at high pressure. The process acts on the surface of the glass, making it work under compression, giving it its resistance.

Dressler Aluminio has carried out projects in which tempered glass is the main material. By means of a buttoned system, we have provided glazing for companies such as Fund Grube in Lanzarote, both at the Hotel Fariones and in Puerto del Carmen. Another notable job, due to the size of the glass, was carried out in the premises of Essennia, in Lanzarote. With these new products, we provide functional and aesthetic solutions to projects. Creations with identity in urban spaces.

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