The new PW 80 system from CORTIZO

CORTIZO has recently launched its new interior PW80 system on the market as part of its now extensive catalogue of aluminium solutions for architecture. This new series makes it possible to compartmentalize spaces by combining them with opaque panels or glass, as it uses 12-, 24- or 36- mm visible sections and 80 mm-deep profiles. Mejordealuminio tells us all about it on their blog.

PW 80 is a highly-versatile system due to its wide range of options that adapt to the specific needs of each project. The glass version would be the ideal option for those areas or offices where you want to increase natural light. It can provide large glazed surfaces that, even in small spaces, transmit the sensation of spaciousness due to its combination with profiles with a minimum visible section. 6+6, 8+8, 10+10 and 12+12 glazing is available for this option, and provides remarkable acoustic insulation. Similarly, these areas can be darkened when required through the use of Venetian blinds.

On the other hand, for closures intended for storage, walls where furniture or archives are to be placed, and spaces in which greater privacy is sought, the ideal option is the PW80 system panel version.

It is compatible with 10-20 mm panels made from aluminium, wood or other materials which, together with the wide range of finishes, provide numerous aesthetic options for this solution.

The opportunity to combine both versions enables the incorporation of panel or glass opening doors that weigh up to 40 kg, and permits great design flexibility. In addition, they facilitate the compartmentalization of spaces due to the fact that they accommodate joints at variable angles or corners.

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