The Schüco and Loxone partnership: a step forward in the intelligent automation of windows and sliders.

Schüco, a company developing cutting-edge system solutions for doors, façades and windows, and Loxone, a company specialising in the intelligent automation of buildings, have joined forces to provide the market with simple, quality solutions in the intelligent automation of windows. Interempresas tells us all about it on their blog.

These solutions benefit architects, planners, engineers, investors and clients, as they enable excellent levels of comfort, security and energy management to be obtained in both commercial and residential constructions.

In recent months, ventilation has become a more important factor. The reason? Fresh air makes interior spaces healthier and more comfortable places. Furthermore, it is a key factor in the correct management of energy use in buildings. Doors and windows also play an important role in security.

Energy management, building automation, security and comfort can now be combined through the TipTronic SimplySmart mechatronic connection developed by Schüco. The company’s aluminium windows and slider systems can be automated through concealed button technology. With the recent Loxone extension developed for Schüco, TipTronic SimplySmart sliders and windows can be easily integrated in the automation system of the manufacturer’s construction. Doors and windows can therefore be opened, closed, stopped or tilted automatically. This is ideal when it rains or for improving air quality.

Energy use optimisation

“This partnership helps both companies offer their customers the very best of their combined services”, says Rüdiger Keinberger, Loxone CEO. Joachim Gau, Smart Building Manager at Schüco, adds: “By combining Schüco windows and sliders with the Loxone system, we have created an intelligent building that offers complete comfort by making the best use of the energy savings potential of the building envelope”.

Up to 30 of this firm’s units can be integrated with the Schüco extensions. Integration is easy, as it only requires the click of a button thanks to the Loxone Config configuration software. Once integrated through the intelligent automation solution, the system provides customers and building administrators with optimal control of doors and windows for comfort and co-habitation. The option to include notifications on the opening and closure level of doors and windows is also available.

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