Tvitec installs the world’s largest paddle court glass furnace

Tvitec, the largest flat and curved glass processor in Spain, has the largest glass tempering furnace in the world and it is exclusively for paddle tennis courts. Previously, the furnaces that manufactured the glazed packs for paddle tennis courts were the same ones that Tvitec uses to create the facades of large buildings around the world, at its plants in Cubillos del Sil, León. Now, they have specialised. This is what the company tells us in its blog.

They have managed to provide resistance, premium quality and flatness in their padel glass. The furnace meets the most demanding standards in terms of padel court installations: safety, precision, quality, planimetry, resistance, etcetera. But the most surprising thing is that it is a fully automated line. From cutting to tempering, the robotised edging and drilling of the pieces are integrated. In addition, the tempering chamber is 13 metres long.

According to the installers Sistemas Sitec and Satecris, the speed of production is a factor that will not be matched and that provides greater agility in the process. This means that, by multiplying Tvitec’s production capacity, it will be able to deliver orders in a very short time and, at the same time, serve more customers. “In padel, there is nothing like it in Spain or anywhere else in the world,” says Tvitec’s Communication Director, Roberto Arias.

“The outlook for 2022 is to grow at the same rate as in the last two years. Qualitatively, it is important to highlight how firms specialising in padel, associated with major sports brands such as Adidas or Nike, are already betting on Tvitec’s quality and service”, explained Daniel García Dos Santos, a member of the coordination team responsible for the sale of court packs.

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