Women: a crucial part of Canary Islands industry

“Women leaders: for an equal future in the COVID-19 world”

This is the motto created by ASINCA (Canary Islands Industrial Association) to commemorate this week when International Women’s Day is celebrated.

At Dressler Aluminium, we have not hesitated to fully join this initiative, in which one of our colleagues, Idaira Campos, has participated, and which seeks to give greater visibility to the role of women in Canary Islands industry.

In a sector like ours, it is even more important to achieve an equal future between women and men. The time has come to take a step forward to change things and make the day come when claiming women’s rights is no longer necessary.

Terms such as reconciliation or equal pay must be part of our consciousness: not only on a day like the #8M, but 365 days a year.

That is why women in the Dressler Aluminium team and colleagues in the Canary Islands industrial sector have supported this ASINCA project. They are crucial members of our sector. They work every day for equality not only in the workplace but also in the workforce.

In a year like the one we have experienced, it is even more important to support the fight against inequality. That is why at Dressler Aluminium, we are contributing to the effort to make the Canarian industry sector a benchmark for equality

Together, we will soon reach the objectives of our colleagues!

Don’t miss the video created by ASINCA to commemorate 8M, featuring many great women in our sector. You can see it here.

Dressler Aluminium: a tribute to the women in our team

As well as supporting this beautiful project, Dressler Aluminium also wanted to pay tribute to all the women who work in the company. That is why we have shared the profiles of our colleagues on our social networks, providing brief details about their lives, both personal and professional, and what their day-to-day life is like at Dressler.

We have included the links to the different publications we have shared, as well as a few photos of all of them. They are not only part of the team that improves our company but also part of the Dressler family.

Click on the pictures to find out more!

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