Residential Architecture Services in the Canary Islands

The housing: a living thing that needs to be looked after

The aspiration for an economical, sustainable habitat adapted to the needs of individuals and families has been present in the development of contemporary architecture.

Following the growth of construction in recent decades, interventions aimed at the maintenance, improvement and rehabilitation of dwellings are becoming increasingly important.

Residential Architecture with Dressler Aluminium

At Dressler Aluminium we believe that the small customer is very big. That's why we offer a residential architecture service tailored to each individual.


If there is one thing that has characterised us for more than 50 years, it is our ability to adapt to any challenge. In residential architecture, it is very important to be close to our customers in order to offer them the best product that adapts to their needs, whether it is aluminium or PVC, or of a higher or lower quality. At Dressler Aluminio we work with numerous manufacturers to adapt to all these needs.

Technical advice

Our extensive experience has forced us to forge ourselves in different situations, currently reaching a high technical level that is highly valued by our customers.
Because the situations and solutions we have faced throughout our existence always represent an incalculable added value for each and every one of our customers.

Systems and work teams

Having worked on numerous large refurbishment and/or new construction projects in different geographical areas, the Dressler Aluminio team has already adopted very advantageous systems that are also applied in residential architecture, thus developing our work in a very demanding and productive way.

Our work in Residential Architecture

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