Tvitec and Cricursa Join the Path to Sustainability in the Glass Industry

Tvitec and Cricursa, manufacturers of high-performance glass solutions, have recently reaffirmed their commitment to the environment by obtaining the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for all their glass solutions. This certification, awarded by the prestigious IFT Rosenheim Institute, confirms the quality of the glass and its contribution to reducing carbon footprint. This is what Tvitec tells us on their blog.

The Environmental Product Declaration covers a wide range of products, including tempered glass, laminated glass, and insulated glass units in double and triple glazing. These declarations are supported by rigorous quality certifications, such as EN ISO 14025:2011 and DIN EN15804:2012 A2:2019, ensuring energy efficiency and environmental respect at all stages of production.

Tvitec and Cricursa customers can rely on the quality and sustainability of their products in construction projects worldwide. Both companies are committed to continuous improvement and innovation in their manufacturing processes, ensuring a more sustainable future for the construction industry.

This renewal of the Environmental Product Declaration underscores Tvitec and Cricursa’s commitment to quality, sustainability, and excellence in the glass industry. Together, they are paving the way for a greener and more sustainable future in construction.

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