Sustainability and Efficiency: The New Double Glazing with Guardian Sun®

In an effort to promote sustainability and energy efficiency in the construction sector, Guardian Select® announces the introduction of its latest Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). This declaration, specifically for the insulating glass Guardian Sun® LamiGlass 44.1/16/4, is the result of collaboration with 13 manufacturers of insulating glass units under the Guardian Select® brand. This initiative reflects a commitment to transparency and quality in the construction industry, as reported by Best of Aluminum on their blog.

Transparency and Environmental Commitment:

The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) provides third-party verified information on the environmental impact of the product’s life cycle. This document is essential for architects and construction professionals seeking to understand and reduce the ecological impact of their projects. Additionally, the EPD contributes to earning credits in building certification systems such as LEED® and BREEAM®, reinforcing the commitment to sustainability.

Energy Efficiency and Comfort:

The Guardian Select® double glazing with Guardian Sun® LamiGlass 44.1/16/4 offers exceptional thermal insulation throughout the year. This solution allows natural light and outdoor views to pass through, contributing to indoor comfort and occupant well-being. Furthermore, thanks to its composition with laminated glass, it provides security and acoustic insulation, creating safer and more comfortable living spaces.

Continuous Commitment to Sustainability:

In collaboration with leading manufacturers in the sector, Guardian Select® is committed to continuing to lead the way towards a more sustainable future in the construction industry. This partnership ensures product quality and reliability, supporting the vision of building a more environmentally friendly and habitable built environment for future generations.

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